Let's just get the laughter out now before you continue reading....

Better? Ok. Yes, I bought these and yes you're reading it correctly. It does in fact say TOENAIL. However, I won't be using the flower art that came with. I am going to be sandal wearing all weekend (glorified camping at Sun Lakes) and don't have time to get a pedicure, let alone slap a coat of pain on and wait for it to dry. So yesterday at Target I threw these bad boys in the cart and will most likely apply them in the car on the way to said camping trip. Check back next week for my review!

SBUX drive thru

A few weeks ago, two days in a row, as I was driving to the morning walk I stopped at Starbucks for a breakfast smoothie (and blueberry muffin for the little kid in the backseat). I chose the Lake City one as it was on my way, and the right side of the street. Both days I drove through the same girl was working the window. That first day she was super nice and chatty and I left feeling pleasantly uplifted. The second day she remembered me and was even more chatty, telling me that it was her birthday and how excited she was to celebrate with a night of karaoke. Something about that conversation and how genuinely happy of a person she was left me feeling like she had completely made my day. She put me in such a great mood with her upbeat attitude and the rest of my day was actually better because of my brief morning encounter with a friendly barista. Do you ever have those moments, when one short meeting or even a smile from a stranger just makes you feel happy?

Our Summer In Photos, part four

REI Photo Shoot

In July, Emma was chosen to be part of the winter REI catalog. We went down to the REI headquarters in South Seattle where they shoot all of their products and Emma got to be a diva for the day! And diva she was! She asked for water and wouldn't drink it until she had a straw! Uh-oh!! These photos can also be seen on the REI website.

Our Summer In Photos, part three

Emma's new 'Big Girl Bed'

In July we were lucky enough to get an awesome deal on a super cute twin bed for Emma. We hadn't originally planned on getting her a twin bed, she was doing great in her convertible crib, but we (ok, me) decided that laying with her at night to read stories was getting a little cramped and a bigger bed would be nice.

Our Summer In Photos, part two

Girl's Night Out

Jessica invited me along to help celebrate her friend Taylor's 21st Birthday. We met up at the Red Door in Fremont and had a blast! Although I didn't take many pictures, I did get a few of Jessica and the birthday girl taking shots...lovely!

Jessica and the birthday girl, Taylor

Washington Apple shots

Jessica and I

Our Summer In Photos, part one

Norm's Trivia Night
July 2009

Eric and I have been going to Norm's since December 2nd 2005, the night of our rehearsal dinner. That's right, we are so awesome that we hosted our rehearsal dinner at a bar, more importantly, a bar that allows dogs. A dog bar. For the first year of being married we would go to Norm's every month on the 3rd, our anniversary. Once Emma came along though our monthly outings became sporadic and then non-existent. But we still love Norm's and go there whenever we can (afford it!). Norm's does a trivia night every Thursday so we decided to meet up with some friends and bring Emma long. She had so much fun and didn't want to leave- as you can see by the last photo!

Jessica and Emma

Jessica and I

Two Teams
(Left, Jeff and Clint, Jessica, Me, my mom and Bill)

Emma was not a happy kid when she had to go home!