Summer is Fast Approaching!

I always get so excited when summer approaches! Just the thought of the warm, long days gets me giddy! I have to say that summer is by far my favorite season, and living in the NW we are so lucky to have fabulous summers. It rarely gets unbearably hot and there are so many great places to explore here in the summer. I hope that this summer we can get out and do some exploring. I'd love to do some hiking; it would be nice to hike around Mt. Rainier which is actually fairly close to Eric's family cabin. I'm sure we'll take several weekend trips out to Eatonville for some relaxing. And we have a trip to Priest Lake planned for August which I'm very excited about. It's one of my favorite vacation spots and I'm so excited that Emma will be able to get in the water with us this year. I know she will absolutely love it! We will also be traveling down to Dundee, Oregon this year for some more wine tasting and a stay at the Nut House. We went to Argyle last year and stayed for the weekend. We did tasting at Erath, Sokol Blosser...and a few others that I now can't remember! We had a really great time and I hope we can make a trip down there a yearly tradition.



This is what I see when I look out the back door. Eric completely re-did this planter last weekend and it looks so much better than before!

Eric built a new walkway from the house to the garage.
It's so nice to have a backyard, especially now that the weather is getting better and we're coming on summer. It's great for Molly to have a place to run and I'm looking forward to when Emma starts walking, for her to have a place to play outside. Eric has been doing such a great job with getting the yard in order. He did such a great job on building the new pathway and getting all the old bricks out. And he did a wonderful job with the planter, putting in new bark and planting new flowers. I tell him that he's done a great job and he responds with likening himself to a "renaissance man". He doesn't paint...or carve wood...or anything like that but I suppose he has similarities to a renaissance man...