This is what I see when I look out the back door. Eric completely re-did this planter last weekend and it looks so much better than before!

Eric built a new walkway from the house to the garage.
It's so nice to have a backyard, especially now that the weather is getting better and we're coming on summer. It's great for Molly to have a place to run and I'm looking forward to when Emma starts walking, for her to have a place to play outside. Eric has been doing such a great job with getting the yard in order. He did such a great job on building the new pathway and getting all the old bricks out. And he did a wonderful job with the planter, putting in new bark and planting new flowers. I tell him that he's done a great job and he responds with likening himself to a "renaissance man". He doesn't paint...or carve wood...or anything like that but I suppose he has similarities to a renaissance man...

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