Thanks Home Depot!

Our new washer arrived on Thursday and I can't tell you how thrilled I was! I didn't realize that I could be so excited about getting a new appliance, but after 7 days of not being able to do laundry, it was amazing! It's funny that those little domestic things can be so rewarding. It was so nice to be able to do laundry again, we were all running out of clean clothes!

Thanks Home Depot!


San Fran bound...in awhile

I am very excited to be going to San Francisco in May! I will be visiting a very good friend and enjoying a couple of days kid free!!

And, I'll be flying VirginAmerica which just launched a couple of days ago (thank you awesome intro airfare!). This airline features mood lighting, touch screen fresh food ordering and over 8,000 mp3's for your listening pleasure! Sounds pretty fancy!
I am so excited for a weekend getaway, and hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can come home with some CA sun.


WooHoo!! It's Potty Time!

Emma has been throwing many a tantrum lately whenever it's time to change her diaper. So I decided that if she didn't want her diaper changed anymore then it was time to try out the potty! I order the BabyBjorn potty from amazon.com and it came today. She sat right down on it, did #1 and that was that!!! I made a huge deal about it and she was so excited, the rest of the day was all about potty this, potty that. Then after dinner, when it was time to get into PJ's we tried again and she did #2! She is well on her way to being totally potty trained, and I couldn't be happier. Here she is showing off her potty skills:

Next we'll be phasing out the binky...


This is my daughter...

And that is the dog's water bowl

A Dancin' Fool

I just couldn't resist putting this photo up. Eric and I recently went to a wedding and here is Eric, taking his dancing skills to a whole new level.


Well, I'm having a hard time keeping up with this blog. Although, I really don't know if anyone actually reads it, so it could be no big deal that I never post anything! Oh well.
Last weekend I dragged Eric out of bed and to Home Depot because I was desperate to paint the living room. That then turned into painting the kitchen, as well as all the white trim. We decided that Eric would pick out the colors for the kitchen and I would pick the colors for the living room. Eric chose a fairly bright yellow, which was a bit shocking for me at first since I picked a light brown and a cream for the living room. After painting the kitchen we decided to use the light brown and do a wash over the yellow to create and antique, Tuscan feel. It worked!! The kitchen looks great! We just finished the living room and it feels so much brighter than what we had before. Eric was also able to bury the wires from the tv behind the wall which looks so much better. Now we will be moving on to the entry and hallway which are really in need of new paint. I will hopefully post pictures of the new paint soon.