movin' on up

The Payne Family has moved!!  Wanted to switch things up a bit so I am now blogging at http://alexpayne.onsugar.com


I want so badly to be a runner.  I want the lean, toned body of a runner...but most of all I want to feel the runner's high.  I want to run through a finish line and know that I DID IT.  I ran briefly today, not long enough and not what I had anticipated, but at least it was something.  I will try again on Wednesday and then again on Saturday.  I just hope I can keep the tendonitis at bay.  Wish me luck!


Battle of the Bulge

I don't typically make New Year's Resolutions...and I suppose since I made the decision before the New Year that it doesn't really count, but this year I decided it was finally time to lose the weight that I've gradually put on since having Emma.  In mid-October I joined the new YMCA in Shoreline.  It was slow going at first, and can still be a struggle to get there on some days but I do try to make it almost everyday (with the exception of the arctic blast in December- two weeks stuck at home!).  For the most part I enjoy working out but eating better is definitely the hardest!  I've started eating Lean Cuisine's for most of my meals in hopes of re-training myself to eat smaller portions.  So far that is working pretty well.  I promised myself that I would be bikini ready for our trip to Mexico in August and I can't wait!  I know I can do this!!