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I read an awesome blog called being five. katie is the mother to 3 gorgeous kids and her blog keeps me laughing on a daily basis, and i say on a daily basis because she updates everyday, sometimes twice a day! The dedication she has for her blog is something I admire. I wish I could keep up with daily posts, but some days I'm lucky if I even get a shower! And I only have 1 kid! How she does it, I don't know, but it's impressive! She's just started project blog, to help those of us who can't seem to keep up so I'm going to try my best to participate. Here goes!

project blog. where would you choose to live if you had to leave this country?

This question actually brings up a lot of feelings. I am extremely close to my mother and I can't imagine not living near her. She is a constant support for me with Emma, we're both in the direct sales business with the same company and well, she's pretty much just awesome. That being said, if I had to leave this country she'd be goin' with me! Eric, Emma, Molly (the dog), myself and MOM.

I've been out of the country a few times- France when I was in middle school (or high school? can't remember now...), Canada a few times (so close, why not!), Italy and Mexico. My favorite of all those places would have to be Italy. It's an incredible place, so beautiful, amazing food (and wine!), amazing people. I absolutely love the culture and I think it would be an a great place to raise a family. I wouldn't want to live in a big city though, like Rome or Milan. Something smaller would be nice. A little village in Tuscany maybe... hmm, one can dream I suppose.



Yesterday was NYR Organic's first anniversary. Well, the company is 28 years old, but has only been in the US for a year. We were all encouraged to host parties to celebrate the anniversary so of course, I jumped on board! I was supposed to have had a party hosted by someone else but because of some little snafu the party was cancelled so I quickly scheduled my own. I put together some awesome specials to offer in honor of the anniversary and was soooo excited! Unfortunately the RSVP's didn't come flowing in as I had hoped and I got a little discouraged. On the day of the party, with one 'yes' I seriously considered canceling. But, that's not the NYR attitude! I went to the gym, walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes to lift my mood and then decided to forge ahead. So what if it was just me and one other person! We could still have fun, do facials, have snacks and drink wine! What a great evening! I turned my crappy attitude around, cleaned up my house, put together some appetizers and chilled the wine. About 30 minutes before the party was to start my phone rang, a number I didn't know. Normally I don't answer numbers I don't know but for some reason I picked up and I'm glad I did! It was another YES!! Woohoo, two people!! Alright, I set up another facial station and grabbed another wine glass.

I am SO glad I didn't cancel. We had a great time! Just as I thought, they loved the products and both went home glowing! It was so fabulous! I am so thankful to my two friends who came with an open mind, and who came to show their support for my new business. Thanks Liz and Lori!!


I'm on a boat...

A few weekends ago we were invited to a BBQ at a friend's house on Bainbridge Island. It was a gorgeous day, the house was right on the beach and the view was incredible! Emma had a blast on the ferry and had even more fun playing at the beach!

Magnolia Summerfest

Building A Business....part 2

Good thing I ended my last blog post, on AUGUST 13th, "more on that tomorrow". 'Cause now it's August 31st. Awesome. Keeping up with a blog is hard ok people, ok?

Anyways, onto my experience at the conference. The conference was held over a weekend in Denver. I'd never been to Denver, and actually, quite honestly I still have never been to Denver! I never left the hotel all weekend! Like I said before, I really had no idea what I was in for. I'd never been to a conference before and I was at first just happy to be away from home for a few days. But oh my goodness! Now, you may think I'm about to quack out here, but bare with me. This conference absolutely changed my life. All weekend I attended training classes, listened to women (just like me!) tell of how owning their own business changed their lives, met amazing and inspirational people and made lifelong friendships. Stay-at-home mom's just like me, speaking about all the things I've always thought. I'll only ever be just Emma's mom, Eric's wife, etc. All these other women felt the same as I did. Until they started their business. Started earning their own money, contributing to the household financially- not just putting the kids to bed and cleaning up the kitchen. My self confidence was renewed. It was so refreshing! I met people who've been in direct sales for years and have become very successful. It was absolutely inspiring! Very quickly my reasons for being there changed from a quick vacation to wanting to build a business, wanting to be successful and wanting to share organic with everyone I know! I learned so much and after that weekend, felt that I had made one of the best decisions of my life. I work for a company of phenomenal ethics and integrity as well as amazing, award winning products. I am in NYR organic heaven!


Building A Business....

This could be a long one people so get on board!!

A few months ago I was asked to host an NYR Organic skincare party. My friend Katy had just become an independent consultant and she asked me if I would be willing to host her first party. Of course I jumped at the chance! I thought it would be fun and as someone who has always had skin concerns/issues, maybe I'd get something out of it. Either way, I'd be supporting a friend in her new business venture. I didn't really know what a party entailed so I wasn't really sure what to expect. Let me just say...um, hello fabulous! Glass of wine, hand treatment (think mini hand massage, yum!), a little organic education, a little skincare education and then -the best part- a facial!!! We actually got to try the products, on our faces!! It was so relaxing and wonderful. And of course a great excuse to get together with your girlfriends! So, I ordered a skincare collection (the Palmarosa collection) and hoped for the best. A few days later my product arrived and I was in heaven!! My skin absolutely loved the products and I finally, after years of bad skin, it was finally turning around. Someone actually told me I had beautiful skin shortly after I started using the product. Beautiful skin?! Me?! Well, thank you!!! It's about damn time!! I was hooked!

A few weeks later I jumped in. I had NO CLUE what I was getting myself into, but I paid $199 plus shipping and signed up as a consultant. I knew nothing, nothing except that I loved the products and this was something I had to be a part of. Little did I know, it would completely change my life.

Alright, I know what you're thinking, I know. I thought the same thing. "Oh gawd! Direct sales? Really? Good luck, hope you fail gracefully!" And yes, in the back of my head, in the beginning I thought that too. But you know what? I was wrong! I got started right away with hosting parties, not a ton, but a few. The first few are completely nerve wracking, you think you know nothing and it's hard to get up in front of a group of people and speak. But it gradually got easier. As summer approached business slowed down and for most of June and July I didn't do much. Then came conference. NYR is brand new to the US so this would be our first national conference, ever!! My first thought was that I wanted to go, but more so for a few days away from home! Little did I know, conference would be the turning point.... But, more on that tomorrow!!



Eric's rack of beer at the Newes From America Pub

At the Leeside in Oak Bluffs, waiting for the ferry

John Belushi's grave in Vineyard Haven

Matt and Eric after dinner at Atria

Martha's Vineyard



Cape Cod Potato Chips.

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um....yeah...been slackin' a little

Well, I apologize for the lack of posting in the...oh, last 6 or so months. Oops!!

We've been very busy lately. Emma started pre-school in September. She absolutely loves it and is in a small class of some really great kids. She goes two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, for 3 hours. I love having a few hours twice a week to run errands, go to the gym and get things done around the house. Emma is learning so much in school! She can now count to 30, and she no longer includes 'eleventeen' as a number! She has started writing letters, so far she can do an 'E', an 'M' and a 'W'. Emma has also perfected the temper tantrum. She can rock a good blood curdling scream anytime she doesn't get her way...typical. She's also becoming even more of a character, if you can believe that! She is so funny and has us laughing constantly!

Emma on her first day of pre-school!

Also in September, Jessica (my best friend) moved back into our spare room. We love having her live with us and of course, the rent money is a bonus! She is currently in culinary school and is always bringing home yummy treats...especially homemade bread, my weakness!

Fall/Winter brought lots of sniffles, along with the SWINE. Yes, Emma and I had the swine and were down and out for about a week. It was absolutely awful and I don't wish the swine on anyone! Luckily Eric never got it and was able to take care of us, as well as my mom who helped out too.

In December my mom and I took a trip down to San Francisco for a good friends birthday. Sydney used to babysit me when we lived in California. When she first started watching me she was 9 and I was 4. She turned 30 this year and her sister and a few friends threw her a fabulous birthday party. We had a great weekend catching up and celebrating the big 3-0. Shortly after returning from CA I got a phone call from her with BIG NEWS! She was accepted to UW's nursing school and is moving up here in April. I am so excited for her arrival and thrilled to have another awesome friend so close by.

So, that's pretty much the catch up on all that has been happening with us! One of my New Year's Resolutions is to update my blogs more often. Hopefully I can follow through with that, wish me luck!


Let's just get the laughter out now before you continue reading....

Better? Ok. Yes, I bought these and yes you're reading it correctly. It does in fact say TOENAIL. However, I won't be using the flower art that came with. I am going to be sandal wearing all weekend (glorified camping at Sun Lakes) and don't have time to get a pedicure, let alone slap a coat of pain on and wait for it to dry. So yesterday at Target I threw these bad boys in the cart and will most likely apply them in the car on the way to said camping trip. Check back next week for my review!