Building A Business....part 2

Good thing I ended my last blog post, on AUGUST 13th, "more on that tomorrow". 'Cause now it's August 31st. Awesome. Keeping up with a blog is hard ok people, ok?

Anyways, onto my experience at the conference. The conference was held over a weekend in Denver. I'd never been to Denver, and actually, quite honestly I still have never been to Denver! I never left the hotel all weekend! Like I said before, I really had no idea what I was in for. I'd never been to a conference before and I was at first just happy to be away from home for a few days. But oh my goodness! Now, you may think I'm about to quack out here, but bare with me. This conference absolutely changed my life. All weekend I attended training classes, listened to women (just like me!) tell of how owning their own business changed their lives, met amazing and inspirational people and made lifelong friendships. Stay-at-home mom's just like me, speaking about all the things I've always thought. I'll only ever be just Emma's mom, Eric's wife, etc. All these other women felt the same as I did. Until they started their business. Started earning their own money, contributing to the household financially- not just putting the kids to bed and cleaning up the kitchen. My self confidence was renewed. It was so refreshing! I met people who've been in direct sales for years and have become very successful. It was absolutely inspiring! Very quickly my reasons for being there changed from a quick vacation to wanting to build a business, wanting to be successful and wanting to share organic with everyone I know! I learned so much and after that weekend, felt that I had made one of the best decisions of my life. I work for a company of phenomenal ethics and integrity as well as amazing, award winning products. I am in NYR organic heaven!

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