A couple of weeks ago I came across the Layers Clothing website, after finding a posting about it on a blog. The clothes were just so cute, and after tooling around the website a bit I found that they are a direct selling company (ie Mary Kay, Avon, .Mark). I put in an application to be a rep, or a Stylist, as you're called for this company. The following day I recieved a response, saying that my application had been accepted. I thought about it for a few days, and after consulting with some friends and family about the idea I decided to go ahead with it. I did quite a bit of research, of course, and had some really positive conversations with Laura, the marketing director. I recieved my start-up kit today, complete with catalogs, party invites, order forms and ordering software. I already have one party booked for mid-May and I am so excited about it! I encourage everyone to check out their great Spring line and contact me if you're interested in hosting a party. I'll be ordering all my samples tomorrow, one of everything!

I am so glad I came across this opportunity and really excited about the prospect making some extra income, not to mention the perks of some really great clothes!

*click the picture to visit the website*


recent netflix arrivals

eric and i are big fans of netflix since we so rarely get to the theatre (see post below). we've recently watched some really good ones that i would recommend to everyone.

the namesake
bee movie
lars and the real girl
dan in real life
knocked up
ira & abby
the feast of love

"har har har"

I laughed til I was in tears. This movie was absolutely hilarious. A must see!!
After a 2 year absence from the movie theatre scene, Eric and I are so glad we picked this one as a first movie back in the theatre. Although, concession prices are so ludicrous that it will probably be awhile before we go back.

i love this kid


there are no words

This is Emma, wearing a snowboard helmet, backwards. Why not, right?

weekend update

We had our garage sale yesterday, and I have to say it was fairly successful. Although, we had so much stuff that I think we'll have to do another sale in a few weeks with the left overs. I really thought Emma's baby clothes would be a big hit, but not this weekend! Eric did sell his Cannondale, which was good but bittersweet. He had a lot of good memories with that bike, and I did see tears well up in his eyes as the guy took it away. He didn't ride it anymore and has a nice new bike so there really wasn't any reason to keep it. Can't hang on to everything! The guy who bought it is giving it to his son to ride in the STP this year. Eric rode the Cannondale in the STP twice so it is nice to know that it will be making the trek yet again.

We really lucked out yesterday with great weather; I didn't see the news but it must have been atleast 70 and I got some color...well, in the form of a sunburn but hey thats something! Emma had a great time playing outside, toddling around in her sqeaky shoes (so as not to lose her outside while we were busy selling off our goods). She really loves playing outside and I can't wait for the weather to be nicer all the time. I'm more than ready for summer, considering we had snow just last month, in Seattle no less!

We finally met our next door neighbors, Rob and Michelle. They moved in around the holidays and are remodeling their house. They seem so nice and I feel bad for not going over sooner to introduce myself.

Now that the sale is over I can finally get to the much needed housework that was neglected all last week in preperation. Eric and I were so exhausted last night though that we didn't get anything done. But alas, laundry is going and the kitchen is clean! Now on to bathroom cleaning and vacuuming, woohoo!

Eric is heading down to his parents this afternoon to do our taxes (they have TurboTax and we do not). We are a little late, getting down to the wire actually, oops! But I know it will get done so I'm not too worried.

Time to get back to the housework, it certainly won't do itself!


oh hair

i really think this hair cut is fabulous, and am somewhat considering it for summer...once i lose 20lbs and my face is a little thinner to pull it off...you laugh, but i'm serious. :) also the necklace is badass (i'm loving that word right now), as well as the tan.

emma's (extensive) vocabulary...as of 4.4.08

touille (as in ratatouille)
george (as in curious george)
one - ten (although not in order)
bless you
see ya
sandwich (sounds more like sanwich)
binky (sounds like bankey)
night night
i need (i need a bankey, etc)

and most importantly... NO!


a list: things to do before i die

1. run a marathon
2. ride the stp, with eric
3. wine taste my way through italy
4. have a true vegas birthday
5. conquer my fear of the phone
6. own a pair of monolo's
7. take a writing class
8. eat indian food in india
9. drink guiness in ireland
10.learn to ski...again
11.play golf more than once every few years
12.see michael buble in concert
13.write something and have it published
14.cruise through greece
15.learn a foreign language
16.wear a big fancy hat to the races
17.spend a summer on martha's vineyard
18.lounge on a beach in bali
19.stomp grapes
20.take a road trip across the us
21.drive along the coast to california