a list: things to do before i die

1. run a marathon
2. ride the stp, with eric
3. wine taste my way through italy
4. have a true vegas birthday
5. conquer my fear of the phone
6. own a pair of monolo's
7. take a writing class
8. eat indian food in india
9. drink guiness in ireland
10.learn to ski...again
11.play golf more than once every few years
12.see michael buble in concert
13.write something and have it published
14.cruise through greece
15.learn a foreign language
16.wear a big fancy hat to the races
17.spend a summer on martha's vineyard
18.lounge on a beach in bali
19.stomp grapes
20.take a road trip across the us
21.drive along the coast to california

1 comment:

Mikael said...

how cool! I love this list! I hope you get to do EVERYTHING! You will have a long time to complete that list. I have a feeling if I made this list mine would go on and on and on...