recent netflix arrivals

eric and i are big fans of netflix since we so rarely get to the theatre (see post below). we've recently watched some really good ones that i would recommend to everyone.

the namesake
bee movie
lars and the real girl
dan in real life
knocked up
ira & abby
the feast of love


The Toms said...

once, was great we actually own it. bee movie, was bloody depressing, almost like the squid and the whale if you've seen that. i don't think i've seen any of the other ones. i'll have to check them out to keep up with you guys. i totally understand not going to the theatre thing, tony and i finally got out and we saw juno, loved it, you gotta check it out.

The Toms said...

ooops, i mistook bee movie for bee season. give emma my apologies, i'm sure her bee movie is hilarious, I'll have to check it out. don't watch bee season, that is the one that is super depressing