Yesterday was NYR Organic's first anniversary. Well, the company is 28 years old, but has only been in the US for a year. We were all encouraged to host parties to celebrate the anniversary so of course, I jumped on board! I was supposed to have had a party hosted by someone else but because of some little snafu the party was cancelled so I quickly scheduled my own. I put together some awesome specials to offer in honor of the anniversary and was soooo excited! Unfortunately the RSVP's didn't come flowing in as I had hoped and I got a little discouraged. On the day of the party, with one 'yes' I seriously considered canceling. But, that's not the NYR attitude! I went to the gym, walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes to lift my mood and then decided to forge ahead. So what if it was just me and one other person! We could still have fun, do facials, have snacks and drink wine! What a great evening! I turned my crappy attitude around, cleaned up my house, put together some appetizers and chilled the wine. About 30 minutes before the party was to start my phone rang, a number I didn't know. Normally I don't answer numbers I don't know but for some reason I picked up and I'm glad I did! It was another YES!! Woohoo, two people!! Alright, I set up another facial station and grabbed another wine glass.

I am SO glad I didn't cancel. We had a great time! Just as I thought, they loved the products and both went home glowing! It was so fabulous! I am so thankful to my two friends who came with an open mind, and who came to show their support for my new business. Thanks Liz and Lori!!

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