I want so badly to be a runner.  I want the lean, toned body of a runner...but most of all I want to feel the runner's high.  I want to run through a finish line and know that I DID IT.  I ran briefly today, not long enough and not what I had anticipated, but at least it was something.  I will try again on Wednesday and then again on Saturday.  I just hope I can keep the tendonitis at bay.  Wish me luck!


Chris and Cheryl said...

GOOD LUCK!!! Are you running at BL or at the Y on Wed? Tiff and I are going to the shoreline Y at 1030 ... maybe we'll see you there :)

Mikael said...

me too! I want to be a runner. Lately I am just so lazy!!! I am so outa shape! I run like twice a week when I need to run everyday. I am recommiting myself, so hopefully I will get that body I want soon :)