This weekend we ventured over to Eastern Washington for some CAMPING!! We headed to Sun Lakes Resort, which is just a few miles from Coulee City (i.e. Grand Coulee Dam). As far as camping goes (from the very little that I know), the campsites were all so nice and the resort perfectly outfitted for us virgin campers. They had a great beach and a nice pool area, as well as RV sites and small cabins to rent. This was my first time camping, as well as Emma's and I have to say, we had a blast!! Eric of course has been camping many times so this was old hat for him but we all really enjoyed ourselves. We were invited by awesome new friends, Chris & Cheryl, as well as a few of their friends and our other awesome new friends Steve & Sherry. Steve & Sherry have Stephanie who is Emma's age and they seem to get along pretty well which is nice. They roamed around the campsite as mom's and dad's enjoyed cheap beer and fold up lawn chairs! I of course am so awesome that I managed to take absolutely no pictures!! How ridiculous is that?! We had so much fun though and hope to go back next year and stay a few days. It was great to get to know our new friends a little better and have some relaxing time in the sun. Thanks Haney's for the invite!!

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Chris and Cheryl said...

I took a few pictures ... they are on the way! So glad you guys made it. We're planning to make this an annual event because everyone enjoyed the location so much :)