Updates and such

Well, we survived the holidays and the beginning of the new year. As most of you know we purchased a new Mac in November after our old one hit the skids. Unfortunately, less than 90 days later little miss Emma spilled a beer (kids really shouldn't be drinking so young, it's just not right) on the new Mac which quickly put an end to it. So now we are left with just Eric's work computer. But atleast we have something. The verdict is still out on whether or not the Mac can be fixed. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

At Christmas we got some wonderful news, Eric's sister is expecting her first baby on June 4th. A little girl to be named Mailee Anne. We are so excited for her! And of course can't wait to pawn off some baby stuff to her!

Eric has decided that he will ride the STP (Seattle to Portland) this year. He's started training and is doing a great job. I am so proud of him for getting back on the bike, as it had been almost two years since he'd ridden it. The STP is going to be so much fun.

We have all just barely gotten over colds. Emma had the worst of it, she had a high fever for a few days and then we ended up in the hospital emergency room, in fear of pneumonia. Thankfully, after 6 hours of waiting, she only had a double ear infection. After a round of antibiotics she is feeling so much better now and back to her usual shananigans.

We are just a few days away now from a trip to Mexico. Eric's parents booked their timeshare in Zihuatanejo for 7 days. We couldn't be more excited, so much so that we are already packed and ready to go! Emma has never been on a plane before so wish us luck! However there will be 4 of us to pass her around so it shouldn't be too bad. If all else fails, we have benadryl!
I'm sure I will have some wonderful pictures to post once we get back.

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