the mac is back

Last October we purchased a new MacBook. It was an early Christmas present to ourselves since our first Mac had up and died...well, more like a slow, torturous death before finally crapping out. The excitement over the new Mac was simply euphoric. Built in webcam?! Photobooth?! iMovie?! The accessories to this new computer were overwhelming! Soon I was making movies of Emma, taking funny pictures on Photobooth, and just enjoying the new addition to the Payne house. It was wonderful. We sailed through the holidays, uploading all our Christmas photos to the new computer, not to mention all the pictures we took with our new camera. Then January hit. The new year was brought in with tears and sadness as one day we watched, almost in slow motion, as our sweet little MacBook succomb to a spilled domestic beer, courtesy of Emma- our beer swigging 2 year old, and sadly myself as I was the one who left the domestic next to the computer. A mistake never to be made again. We rushed our lifeless MacBook to the Genius Bar but unfortunately it could not be saved, and our warranty clearly stated that beer spillage was just not covered. Despite our sadness, we atleast had the use of Eric's work laptop. But it wasn't the same.
Fast forward 9 or so months. Eric has been told by his boss that they'll be needing the work laptop back soon. So I scrambled and finally my dad agreed to bring back my old computer that he had been using. An emachines desktop- I know, I cringe-but it would do. We would have to move some furniture around so as to have a place to put the huge desktop. As we're cleaning out drawers to move the furniture Eric comes across our departed Mac. Just out of curiosity he plugs it in...it whirs to life. Hooray!!!!!!!! After nearly a year of being comatose, it's alive again!!! All our files, pictures, music and videos fully intact. It was a miracle! An unbelieveable miracle. So now, I blog, happy again from the Mac. Welcome back Mac :)

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