Pumpkin Patch Day

Emma was a little overwhelmed by all the pumpkins!

Relaxing in the wagon with all the pumpkins and a much needed popsicle!
There's a good one over there!!

This weekend we headed east to Carnation for a visit to the pumpkin patch.  It was a perfect fall day for some pumpkin picking.  My mom and Bill were also able to join us which was an added bonus, extra pumpkin carriers!  Eric packed us a great lunch and by the time we got out to the farm we were starving so we quickly set up our picnic.  We enjoyed sandwiches and pasta salad under a big tree on the grass.  After lunch we hopped on one of the wagon's that takes you out to the field of pumpkins.  We were able to get on the one wagon that is horse drawn and Emma thought that was the coolest!  We found a few great pumpkins before hopping on a tractor pulled wagon to head back in and hunt for some baby pumpkins in another field.  Emma loved picking out the baby pumpkins!  She calls pumpkins "Pumpkin Pie" and of course a baby pumpkin was "Baby Pumpkin Pie". So cute!!  We all had so much fun and came home exhausted from all the pumpkin patch action!!

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Mikael said...

she is adorable!!! Hope you are all doing well!