Our Summer In Photos, part one

Norm's Trivia Night
July 2009

Eric and I have been going to Norm's since December 2nd 2005, the night of our rehearsal dinner. That's right, we are so awesome that we hosted our rehearsal dinner at a bar, more importantly, a bar that allows dogs. A dog bar. For the first year of being married we would go to Norm's every month on the 3rd, our anniversary. Once Emma came along though our monthly outings became sporadic and then non-existent. But we still love Norm's and go there whenever we can (afford it!). Norm's does a trivia night every Thursday so we decided to meet up with some friends and bring Emma long. She had so much fun and didn't want to leave- as you can see by the last photo!

Jessica and Emma

Jessica and I

Two Teams
(Left, Jeff and Clint, Jessica, Me, my mom and Bill)

Emma was not a happy kid when she had to go home!

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