SBUX drive thru

A few weeks ago, two days in a row, as I was driving to the morning walk I stopped at Starbucks for a breakfast smoothie (and blueberry muffin for the little kid in the backseat). I chose the Lake City one as it was on my way, and the right side of the street. Both days I drove through the same girl was working the window. That first day she was super nice and chatty and I left feeling pleasantly uplifted. The second day she remembered me and was even more chatty, telling me that it was her birthday and how excited she was to celebrate with a night of karaoke. Something about that conversation and how genuinely happy of a person she was left me feeling like she had completely made my day. She put me in such a great mood with her upbeat attitude and the rest of my day was actually better because of my brief morning encounter with a friendly barista. Do you ever have those moments, when one short meeting or even a smile from a stranger just makes you feel happy?

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