bad karma?

oy vey! first of all, a warning, this post might possibly become littered with expletives...ok, not most likely, it will. the expletives will help in relaying the frustration of this week. read further if you don't mind a few F bombs here and there.

Monday- Met up with the mom's group at Bothell Landing for a 3 mile run, led by the awesome Cory, who is currently 23 weeks pregnant! I know, she's superwoman, seriously. And of course her not quite 1 year old Elizabeth is adorable! I met some great new mom's and got a fabulous run.

Tuesday- I dropped Emma off at my mom's and headed off to an appointment with my dermatolagist for a follow up on my sun/heat allergy. As I'm nearing downtown, WHAM!, rear-ended while stopped at a light. No real damage to the Element, just a few scratches. I was too nice to the old lady who hit me, realizing later that I shouldn't have told her it was ok and that I wasn't mad. I was mad! Damn woman hit my car! PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!! She's lucky she wasn't going very fast.

Wednesday- Somewhat of an overcast day which put me in a mood. Emma and I went for our run at Greenlake with Beth (running coach) and Cory. Both Cory and I were totally dragging ass and not feeling the run. My legs were killing me. But we managed to run ALMOST the whole 3 miles so that was a pretty good accomplishment. I was proud of myself at the end for sticking it out and finishing.

Thursday- Emma wakes up at 6am, already I can see this isn't going to be good because she has soccer at 10:30. We go by my mom's to pick her up so she can watch Em play soccer. We made it 30 minutes before extreme tired set in and had to get her home for an nap. Picked up her new Keen sandles, so cute, and were on our way. For how tired she was she really didn't sleep long enough. After her nap we played outside for a bit and more extreme tired set in around 6. Emma was in bed before 7pm and slept til 6am.

Friday (this is where it gets rough)- Meet the mom's group for a walk at Mill Creek Town Center. Pretty good turn out of about 8 moms, all with kids in tow. Emma is grumpy and not cooperating. This kind of behavior I like to refer to as "holy terror". Eric took the Element for work today so I am stuck with the shiteous Nissan that is so hard to get Emma in and out of, not to mention the jogging stroller doesn't fit in the trunk so I have to wriggle it into the backseat next to Emma. We get there early and walk around. I let Emma walk so that she wouldn't be so upset about sitting in the stroller for an hour walk. We meet up with the mom's and I try to put Emma in her stroller and she has a complete meltdown, in front of the new mom's who I haven't met. Basically, she created a scene and was an embarassment. I was flustered, hot, and my muffin tops were peeking out of my shorts. FUUUUUCK!!! Very irritating. We get going on the walk and half-way through Emma is whining and begging for other kids' toys. I don't typically bring toys for Emma to have in the stroller because she just throws them on the ground. We finish our walk and all the mom's are standing outside Starbucks with their nice, sweet, well behaved little lads and Emma is full on flipping out. I let her get out of her stroller to walk around and she starts trying to steal the other kids' snacks and toys. Why didn't I feed her, you ask? Well, I did! I packed plenty of yummy snacks but she always wants what isn't hers, naturally. I try to pick her up so that we can go and she melts down, crumbling to the ground in a heap of temper tantrum hell. All the while I'm thinking "Eric is so lucky he gets to go work today!". Stupidly I forget to pack a binky and she is wailing for one. Eventually I get her calmed down enough with a bribe that we will head to the grocery store for a new binky. Why am I investing in new binkies when we are trying to wean? Insanity I tell you. I pay $6 for two overpriced binkies and we are on our way. By this point I am starving- teriyaki here we come!!! Grab some lunch and head to the car. More screaming as I load Emma up. Near tears as I try to shove the jogging stroller into the car- fucking hate this car I mumble under my breath, although really wanting to yell it out loud for all to hear. But also don't want my daughters next word to be FUCK. Shocking, I know. And now, the icing on the cake of shit, I step in gum that someone spit out next to my driver's side door. What damn idiot would spit out gum next to someone's car? On our way home, she of course falls asleep in the car, great...naptime is officially fucked for the day. And I was right, we get home and she sleeps maybe 30 minutes before hollering at me to come get her out. The house is a wreck, I am tired, Emma is grumpy.

Luckily the day is almost over. It's nearly the weekend and thankfully (thank you thank you!) Emma is going to my mom and Bill's tomorrow night so that Eric and I can attend a BBQ. Can't wait for a little baby-free time.


Mama's Losin' It said...

It's officially over! Grab a glass of wine and relax!!

The Toms said...

i'm peeing my pants right now laughing so hard. i would have killed to see your muffin top as i have quite a bit on me these days...it would have made me feel better. thank goodness for a little alone time this weekend eh. thank you grandma's!!!

Chris & Cheryl said...

omg, you are too funny. i'm honestly sad that i was in fairbanks and missed this spectacular "event"!!!