This past weekend was spent in Portland. We stayed with Eric's best friend from high school, Tony, and his awesome wife Tiffany and their little boo, Curtis. Curtis is 16 months and he and Emma had a BLAST playing together!

Friday evening was spent at Bridal Veil Lakes for Eric's cousin Lindsey's wedding. It was a really beautiful area and the weather was absolutely fantastic. It was an awesome ceremony, very reflective of the bride and groom. We didn't stay too long because Emma was worn out from playing in the pool with Curtis earlier.
Saturday we did a little shopping- no sales tax in Portland! Eric got a few items of much needed new clothes, finally! And Sunday Eric did the Livestrong Challenge ride. Despite the 90 degree temps he did a fabulous job and I'm so proud of him!!! Way to go babe! Here he is crossing the finish line after 70 miles:

Monday Tiffany took us downtown for a walk along the waterfront, then to a great fountain for the kids to play in before meeting Tony for lunch. The kids both ended up stripped down to their skivvies in the fountain pool.

We had so much fun in Portland, thanks so much to the Tom's for their hospitality. There's no other bungalow I'd rather sweat in than yours!
See you in two weeks for the STP!

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The Toms said...

it was great having your wonderful fam down for the weekend. Curtis ended up taking a 4 hour nap the day after, emma wore the pants off him!! It was fantastic i got lots of good mommy time:)