gotta run

This morning Emma and I headed off to Greenlake for a morning run. Despite our running class being cancelled for the day we decided to go anyway. I'm so glad that I did. I had a great run and I finally feel like I'm crossing that line between "this sucks" to "this is awesome!". I already can't wait for my run tomorrow, which may be a little hard to fit in but I will figure it out. I'm ready to make running a priority in my life, for myself and it's a really exciting journey. I can't wait for the 10k at the end of August. I know that if I keep up the training that I'm doing now the 10k will be no problem at all- well, that may be a little bit of wishful thinking, but I know I'll be prepared. I'm so glad that I found Coach Beth, she is a great cheerleader, as well as all the gals in my running group.

I've also found a great new blog called Marathon Mommies and just reading a few posts this morning gave me that much more motivation to get out there and run.


Ang said...


I just saw that you left a comment on marathon mommies. I am part of that blog too and I live in Bellevue. But here's the sad part, I'm moving to Utah in 1 week. Bummer. What 10K are you doing? I did one in North Bend last year that was in Aug.

The Toms said...

your crazy....but i think its sexy. your gonna do so well at your first one and then you'll become addicted and kate moss thin and then we won't be friends. just don't snort coke like her...but that might make you run forever so ...maybe give it a snort...jk...thats just my twisted side talking