Dear Daughter,

Yesterday it seems as though you woke up in a haze of rebellion and as we are approaching the end of day 2 of this haze, I am starting to wonder, how long will this last my dear? You have been pushing the limits lately and I'm about at my wit's end.

I have re-laced your shoes countless times today. And how you can untie a double knot just baffles me...you sneaky squirrel you. Please don't do this anymore. I'm on the hunt for a pair of Crocs, free of those pesky laces, just hang in there until I find the right color. I promise it won't be long. In the meantime, keep your mitts of the laces missy!

You know that we sent the binky off to the binky fairy, and in return you received loads of sweet new Spring clothes. So let's stop asking for the binky, it's just not necessary. I hope you'll think about that the next time you open your mouth to say "binky, I want a binky please". However, thank you for saying please, let's keep that up.

And now, I few things I wish you'd stop saying as they are very quickly getting on my nerves:

"Nopey Nope Nope"

"I do it, I do it" as you try to put your sweater on not only backwards but also sleeves inside out and upside down.

"I want the goldfish", you can't live on friggin' goldfish, so hush up your face and eat your sandwich!! And not just the bread, the whole thing!

I know that you are just 2 1/2 so I'll leave you with these few things for now. Let's convene in a few days to discuss it.

Love you always,
Your Mother

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