easter saturday

I'm not a religious person. I don't know why exactly we celebrate Easter since we, as a family, are not religious. But we do. So today we ventured over to  my parent's house in Magnolia where the community center hosts an egg hunt for the kids.  Due to the weather, the typical Easter wear was nowhere to be seen which was fine by me because I refuse to buy Emma a dress that she'll wear once for 45 minutes.  I'm just not that kind of parent.  As we're making our way to the community center parking lot Eric and Bill (mom's 'partner'1) are explaining to Emma the proper egg hunt tactics.  Eric explains to Emma that she need only to say "I'll rip your face off kid" of anyone that gets in her way as well as pumping her up with such fabulous winning phrases as, "Everyone's a winner, but you're the best" and "Keep your eye on the prize".  Really great life lessons for a 3 year old.

As we're standing around in the 0-3 age group of the parking lot, Eric spies the ringleader of this shin dig, holding a mega phone and getting ready to hop on her ladder to announce the egg hunt kick-off.  He asks her if Emma can say 'Happy Easter' in the mega phone.  She agrees and Emma hops up there and says her piece, all the while I'm tearing up slightly thinking "that's my girl!"  

Emma made out famously with a basket full of eggs along with 12 packages of fruit snacks...that's like two boxes, way to go kid!  Despite the few raindrops, we all had a great time and thankfully our little gem behaved herself in the race for eggs.

1 mom's partner: My mom's boyfriend, however, I refuse to say that my mother has a boyfriend so I simply refer to them as my parents so as not to have to explain. It's just easier, don't judge me, it's not worth it.

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