in yo face taxman....or so we thought

Update:  Taco Del Mar contacted me on Twitter and were so very apologetic about the mishap.  They are sending us a $20 gift certificate and coupons.  AWESOME!!  Emma is very excited about future "tortita's".  I'll be taking her to lunch there as soon as we get the gift certificate.  She's also a huge fan of their brownies!!  Thanks @Taco_Del_Mar !!!

Today is Tax Day.  Ah, tax day.  We're getting a pretty hefty return so I have no ill will for today whatsoever.  Taco Del Mar has been advertising for weeks that they'd be giving out FREE taco's on Tax Day.  I'm a big fan of anything free, as most of you all know, so I was ready to take full advantage of this wonderful offer.  I printed out the coupons from the website, of which there were no written restrictions.  Let's keep that in mind here.  Eric has a pretty light work load on Wednesday's so I decided to meet him in Redmond for lunch and free tacos.  With three coupons in hand we waited in line and began to place our order.  Three tacos for the three Payne's.  Except that apparently Emma, three years old (nearly) doesn't seem to count as an actual person, according to Taco Del Mar.  I was slightly baffled when the man across the counter said "just one per person", Eric replied "well she is a person" and he said "no, just big people".  Oh, right ok.  Oh wait, no no that's not right.  She's a person, the coupon doesn't list any restrictions.  I was quite baffled at the time and didn't think to make a big deal of it.  But now that I think about it, we are struggling (a lot) financially and when this opportunity for a free lunch came up I was quite excited.  We never go out to lunch or dinner or do anything really that costs us money as we can't afford it.  So the thought of the three of us going out to lunch together was really nice.  Until the man behind the counter squashed our hopes and dreams.  I twittered about this experience to which @Taco_Del_Mar responded saying they would do something about it.  I appreciate that Taco Del Mar.  Because I enjoy your tacos and think lil Emma deserves to enjoy one too!

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Taco said...

Emma does deserve a Taco and we're so sorry for the mishap!! A gift certificat and coupons are on there way to you now. I hope you and your family get to enjoy your next visit to Taco Del Mar! Heather, or @Taco_Del_Mar on Twitter