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A couple of weeks ago I made a visit to Target (prescriptions, diapers, etc).  First of all, Target isn't a store that I can leave without spending at least $60.  I always start out, after wrangling Emma into a cart, by perusing the clothing department for a fabulous (and cheap) find.  Many of us know that Target's women's clothing department carries, for the most part, two brands: Mossimo and Merona, as well as the new Isaac Mizrahi and whatever up and coming designer they find to make awkward clothes at dirt cheap prices.  But the majority is Mossimo and Merona.  A few short years ago I was shopping on the Mossimo side of the department.  Shorter shorts, lower cut tee's and tighter jeans.  And now it's happened, or rather happened awhile ago and I just haven't noticed, but I have moved on over to the Merona side.  And oh my is it bleak!  Ok, that's totally an exaggeration, it's really not that bad.  On this particular visit I saw some cute capri jeans and decided to try them on.  I never try anything on. Ever. I truly believe there is nothing worse than the lighting in changing rooms.  But I wasn't up for the hassle of having to go back and return said capris.  So I waited for the big dressing room because I did not want to take Emma out of the cart and then break the news that she'd have to get back in.  Holy lord!!  Super cute on the hanger, super gross on my actual person.  As soon as I zipped and buttoned my belly button disappeared and I'm pretty sure the bottom of my bra was touching the top of these horrid capris.  I don't think I've ever exited a dressing quite so fast, even with having to maneuver the cart out of the tiny door.   I did not spend $60 that day.  I purchased what I came for and left, absolutely horrified at what I witnessed in that dressing room.  Target, I still love you, but I'll be keeping my distance for awhile.

Now, on to this week's clothing...nightmare?  Not sure exactly what to call it.  A let down?  I don't know, you decide when you're done reading.  

I get email's every few days from Gap with coupon codes and sale info and because we have a Gap card we get an extra discount.  There was a great code for 20% off and in addition to that Old Navy was still doing there Stuff N' Save program which is 20% off as well.  I have quite a few bags of old clothes piled up just waiting to be sold so I thought I'd take advantage of this awesome deal.  I picked out a few things, new pair of pants, a cute cardy from Gap and two pairs of sunglasses from Old Navy.  The awesome deal here is the sunglasses, both pairs on sale for $4 and I had a 40% discount. Woohoo!!  This is even better because I have been in search of cute sunglasses since my last two pairs have been broken (one pair by Eric, the other by Emma).  Now I just hope these sunglasses are as cute on as they are on the website.  We'll see.  Anyways.  I placed my order.  I gathered up all the old clothes and made a trip over to Plato's Closet to sell.  I've been selling clothes there since high school....high school is the key word here.  Emma and I got there when they opened so we wouldn't have to wait and hung around for the 10 minutes it took to sort through what they wanted.  Keep in mind here I had two full bags of clothes stuffed to the brim.  They called me over and offered me $9.89 for two things.  A pair of Abercrombie shorts (will explain those bad boys later) and a pair of AE jeans which I was very anxious to get rid of because I will never ever be a size 14 again.  I picked my jaw up off the floor, collected my money and two bags and headed out.  I was so totally bummed.  Why didn't they want my clothes?!  Am I that un-hip? That un-cool?  And god forbid, that un-fashionable??  

The answer: No!  A few hours later I came back to reality and REALIZED that Plato's Closet is a store for teeny boppers to pawn off their Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eagle, size 00 castoffs.  Not a store that is going to take my Old Navy, MERONA, Layers and JCrew discards.  Ok, so no more Plato's Closet, now where do I go?  After a little bit of online searching I found two places- Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading.  Both stores pay on the spot (I'm not a fan of consignment).  Emma and I headed over there today.  After yesterdays disappointment I wasn't expecting much but 20 minutes later the teeny bopper salesperson (they're everywhere!) called me over and offered me $52 for half my stuff. DONE DEAL!!  I was so thrilled, and a little bit shocked.  Thank you, Crossroads Trading!!  I'm so glad I found a new place to take all my old crap clothes!  

Now, the explanation for the Abercrombie & Fitch shorts I was unfortunately hanging onto.  I bought them about a month after Emma was born when I was all of 118lbs.  Size 6. So cute.  But you know what, inappropriately too short! Glad they are out of my closet and no longer taunting me.  So thank you Plato's Closet, thank you for that, taking those off my hands.


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mona said...

I can't bring Nathan with me shopping anymore. I know he would affect my bargaining skills. I've sold a lot to Buffalo Exchange and washed, ironed and folded all of what I'm trying to sell. I have to check out Crossroads, then.