gripes, joys and omg

How come after being sick for a week it takes another whole week to get back on track? Why is this? I'm feeling so much better but it's taken me literally all week to get semi- back on track. I didn't meal plan for this week so that was completely off and my eating has been less than desirable. Because I didn't meal plan Eric didn't have lunches for the week. Now, yes, he can make his own lunches but he never leaves enough time in the morning to do so. If a lunch isn't made for him he'll forget to eat (too busy usually to even think about it) and will come home famished. I guess my work out's have been okay, but really, since my eating has been so bad than what's the point? Isn't it something like 90% of what you put in your mouth... The house has been a mess. I'm currently looking at a stack of folded laundry that has been on the coffee table for 3 days now. I hope Spring gets here soon because that usually means the end of the cold and flu season. No more! Not to mention this weather has been downright shit and I'm just sick of it! It's cold and dreary and gross! When we start getting into April and the weather is still like this, is when I typically begin looking at Arizona real estate.

In other news...I took Emma to visit the prospective pre-school yesterday. Ever since I mentioned school a few months ago she's been talking about it nearly non-stop. She is beyond excited! She walked into the classroom and was immediately overjoyed. The teacher actually said she'd never seen a kid so excited and then I informed her that she's like that most everyday. Registration is May 12th and I will be there front and center to secure her spot in the Little Learner's 2009-2010 school year! Of course there is a catch: she has to be potty trained. That will be our Spring/Summer project.

This week at the gym I've spent my cardio time watching Ellen. It's perfect because I love her show and it sucks me in for a good 45-60 minutes of cardio. On her show lately she's been doing an "Ellen's Stimulus Package" where her intern goes around the country with the Gold Digger machine giving away cash to those in need. These people are beyond thrilled to have Ellen calling them and then crazy crazy when they find out why she's calling. It brings me to tears nearly everytime. So there I am, balling my eyes out to Ellen's Stimulus Package....then moments later I'm laughing hysterically as she tells a Starbucks Barista in an ear bud what to say to customers. If you don't know what I'm talking about than you clearly don't watch Ellen...

Eric brought home from work today 6 Adirondack chairs and a game table. Yes, a game table. As if we need more furniture in this house. I'll post a photo later and you'll see what I mean. I'm excited about the Adirondack chairs, they'll be great in the backyard this summer but a game table?? Really? Oy.

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Elaine said...

I have so many things to say to this...first, I love your blogspot! You are the cutest little wife/mom ever with making Eric's lunches and whatnot....he's a lucky guy ;) I'm happy to hear that Emma is so excited about school! And apparently about life in general :) Good luck with the potty training! Also, those people on Ellen pretty much make me cry every time lol I feel ya. Have fun with the game table haha