In my attempt to lose the extra poundage I've been carrying around, I've cut out or cut back on a lot!  Wine, for instance, one of my favorite things.  I came to the conclusion that every time I had wine it was never just one glass, always several.  In addition to the calories I was racking up, I was also waking up slightly hung over.  And if you don't drink wine, the way I do at least (or any other alcoholic beverage), then you don't wake up with a bloody hang over.  That makes functioning every day so much easier! Without the hangover I mean.  It's amazing the things I come up with sometimes.  That being said, I've lost 15lbs. since cutting back on the booze.  I've also stopped eating 82 thousand calories which does help as well.
In other news, I saw myself in the mirror today and I looked somewhat thin.  I think I should throw the mirror away, as it's clearly out for deception.

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