Emma and I have a routine. Every morning I wake up around 7, bring the computer to bed and check all my necessaries (email, facebook, news, twitter, etc). Shortly after I wake up, Emma wakes up and comes and gets in bed with me. We turn on the TV and watch our morning shows. It used to be Sesame Street but now she likes to watch Mickey Mouse Club House on Disney, which is fine because Sesame Street often runs the same show a bazillion times and that gets old. We lay in bed for about an hour until she says "I'm just so hungry", then it's time to get up and get movin'. We leave for the Y around 10:45 and she gets to play with the kids while I work my ass off. She absolutely loves the Y, like head over heels love. As soon as we get out of the car and to the elevator she greets whoever is waiting there, if anyone. If it's another kid around her age she'll hug them. Most parents think it's adorable but some look at me like "hello, boundaries!". Whatever, she's just friendly. Once get to the lobby and the elevator doors open she exclaims loudly "We Made It!!!". Once we make it up the stairs she runs to the check-in window of the Kids Club yelling "Hi Hi, it's me Emma!". She's always greeted with a smile- which is one of my favorite parts because I know that they enjoy her as much as she them. It's comforting to know that not only does she love going there but I'm pretty sure they love having her. She's usually in some sort of costume when I go back to pick her up, a princess dress or as of late a Spiderman costume, and yesterday the Spiderman costume was in addition to a tiger tail. Spider Tiger. I'll be sure to bring my camera with me more.

The point of this blog is, this is our routine and I love it. However in September our routine is going to change. Not a lot, but enough that it just won't be the same. Emma starts preschool in September, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 12:30. I know she is beyond excited to go to school, she talks about it all the time, but our Tuesday's and Thursday's just won't ever be the same.

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