I love reading other mother's blog.  I love laughing out loud at other parent's mishaps, and the different types of humor used to deal with these mishaps.  I've come to believe it's a pre-requisite for having children, a sense of humor.  I honestly wouldn't know how I'd deal if I couldn't laugh at most of what  Emma does, or says, she's had a real potty mouth lately.

We've all had shit on our hands, and laughed about it later.  I hope.  We've all had to reach into the toilet at some point- whether it be to fish out a piece of jewelry or an overpriced Gymboree barrette.  We've all been embarrassed by our children in public, whether it's something horrendous coming out of there mouth....or Emma's booty shakin' dance moves while waiting in line at Taco Del Mar (again....yes, we hit it up twice in one day).

As Emma is nearing her 3rd birthday, her behavior is becoming more and more heinous.  She seems to be rockin' quite the 'tude lately.  I find myself getting so frustrated, then realizing how much more ridiculous I'm being at trying to get a 3 year old to recognize her mistakes.  This too shall pass flutters through my brain.  Yelling at a 3 year old?  Oh, yeah, brilliant.  Talk about in one ear and out the other.  That's not to say I don't discipline but I think I need to ease up a little...and laugh instead of...yell.  Or maybe just not yell quite so loud, it's not like she's deaf.

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